Sunday, December 4, 2011

#2 Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

I was actually really excited to watch this movie. I had just gotten home from having a really nice weekend and I'm not feeling real great so I was very much looking forward to just sitting down and watching a movie that would be fun, and entertaining and I wouldn't have to think about very much. That's exactly what this movie provided for me. It was very entertaining and yet very dry throughout much of the movie, as is most if not all of Wes Anderson's movies. I love Bill Murray in this movie and it made me even more excited to get Rushmore from the library tomorrow to finish off my Wes Anderson assignment. But back to this current movie. As I was watching this movie I kept finding myself smile at the very subtle oddities and awkward images that would be a very small portion of an entire shot. I guess I really don't have much else to add to this. I would give it a solid 4/5. I do look forward to finishing to this project though.


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